Shoulder pain and avoiding the unwanted surgery

Shoulder pain and avoiding the unwanted surgery

September 17, 2022

Not all shoulder pain needs surgery.

I do not want to keep taking pain pills every day.

I do not want to have surgery for my shoulder.

I want to be able to keep playing pickleball or bowling or go back to my exercise routine.

These are the most common concerns of shoulder pain clients that I hear during every initial consultation. I want you to know that I love to work with these types of clients that have a particular goal. It tells me they are motivated and proactive in finding a better solution for their shoulder pain.

Not all shoulder pain needs to end with surgery.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. It is heavily dependent on the dynamic balance of the front and back muscles to keep it moving optimally. Pain could mean that some muscles are on “vacation” and other muscles need to work extra to compensate that absence. We might need to wake up those “sleeping” muscles so the shoulder joint is moving optimally. Other times, we are just not using the right muscles to move the shoulder, that is why we have pain and discomfort.

If you have shoulder pain, especially one that does not involve a traumatic cause, and slowly builds up over time, or is not getting any better, I would love to help you. A thorough movement assessment will allow us to determine the root cause of your shoulder pain; we can give you options to address it so you can avoid surgery and go back to what you love doing. 

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