Normatec Compression Therapy In Carpentersville

How Normatec Compression Therapy in Carpentersville Works

Normatec compression technology accelerates your body’s natural healing process by increasing blood flow to your muscle to promote cellular repair and protein production, stimulating lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and swelling, and mobilizing waste products like lactic acid. You’ll feel less stiffness and soreness as well as greater mobility and flexibility.

Important to remember that recovery speed depends on many factors such as age, fitness level, diet, and sleep. The Normatec recovery program can dramatically reduce your recovery time, regardless of your circumstances. Normatec is based on existing medical technology which uses dynamic compression. Dynamic compression has been proven to be beneficial through years of medical research and clinical application. Intermittent compression devices are great for athletes who need to constantly heal and recover as they push the limits of their bodies.

What makes Normatec Compression Therapy unique?

Normatec is a high-quality dynamic compression technology that offers more value for money. There are more sizes to choose from, more pressure settings to suit your preferences, more cycles for increased efficiency, and a seamless interior for more uniform pressure. You also get more peace-of-mind and a longer warranty.

You can choose from a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit. There are two pressure settings that you can adjust for comfort.

Benefits of Normatec Compression Therapy

Because it improves blood circulation, eliminates lactic acid, reduces swelling, inflammation, and increases blood flow, our dynamic compression technology makes it ideal for post-workout recovery. Normatec can also be used to treat venous insufficiency and lymphedema. You can also use it to treat other circulation-related problems such as varicose veins or diabetes, injuries, and surgery.

Normatec can be used to treat a medical condition. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of intermittent pneumatic compression.

How long does it last?

Normatec has three time settings: 10, 20 and 30 minutes. These settings can be used depending on how intense your training, race, and event are. For example, to recover from a hard workout or long run, the boots should be worn for 20-30 minutes. A quick reset or pre-workout session should take you only 10 minutes. Your legs and body will feel amazing!

Remember that 30 minutes is not enough, and that you should be able to go longer. You don’t have to go longer but the boots will provide all the benefits you need in 30 minutes, even after a hard workout or race.

What are the contraindications?

Normatec can be used for many applications. However, you should consult your doctor if you suspect or know that you have deep vein thrombosis (blood clot), pulmonary embolism or edema, and thrombophlebitis.

Normatec Compression Boots for Carpentersville

Normatec Compression Boots have been a great help to many of our patients. Our physical therapists can help restore natural movement to your joints and increase fluid circulation to them. They will also strengthen your muscles and educate you on movement and prevention.

We can help you achieve greater results with less pain. Within weeks, our patients experience significant pain relief and improvement in their daily lives.

Maxicare Physical Therapy & Wellness can help you in Carpentersville if you are experiencing pain. By treating the problem early, we can prevent it from getting worse. Don’t live with the pain. It is time to get rid of it.

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Peter Schumacher

Wow….where do I start? I HIGHLY recommend Sharon and the team at Maxicare!
Three months ago I injured my rotator cuff. I was certain that I would need surgery. Fortunately, I found Sharon and Maxicare. After 3 months of therapy my shoulder is like new; full range of motion and NO pain. Best of all, no surgery!
I encourage you to make an appointment with Sharon if you think you need physical therapy!

Patti Thobe

Sharon did an excellent job of healing my frozen shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arm more than 6”. Now, in just a few months, I’m almost back to normal. She saved me from surgery and continued pain and frustration of not being able to use my arm at all. I’m very close to going back to tennis! Yay!! I’ve heard it could take a year to heal from frozen shoulder, but I’ll be back to normal in just a few months. Sharon is an excellent listener and is very kind. An excellent Physical Therapist and highly recommended!