What To Expect

5-Step Process

At Maxicare Physical Therapy & Wellness, we have created a 5-Phase program to not only eliminate your aches and pains, but also keep them away for good.

Phase 1: Understand Your Problem

At Maxicare, we realize that many patients are frustrated with the medical system. Far too often, patients don’t receive enough time from their doctor, and patients feel rushed with diagnoses and treatments, leading to a feeling of impersonal care. Maxicare wants to change the way that you view your doctor and your entire treatment process. The first thing that we do is take the time to hear your story.

No two instances of pain are 100% alike. Each and every one of us has a different body type, medical history, and pain tolerance. Maxicare Physical Therapy & Wellness recognizes that everyone is unique, and in order to provide the highest level of care, we need this deep understanding of your history and symptoms.

The key to this is an open and honest conversation about your health.

Part of that starts with you feeling comfortable with our team and trusting us to live up to your expectations.

Phase 2: Find The Root Cause Of The Pain

The root cause of your pain may not necessarily be the same as someone else’s. Different factors contribute to this, such as your medical and injury history, body type, the timeframe of the incident, and more. We want to identify the root cause of your pain and offer a natural, holistic solution to get you back to doing what you love most.

Maxicare offers a discovery visit, which consists of an in-office appointment with one of our physical therapists. During this appointment, we’ll discuss all of your questions and concerns. There is no pre-authorization needed from your insurance, and no prescription is needed from your primary physician. Best of all, our discovery visit is 100% free.


Phase 3: Customized Program To Help Ease Your Pain & Restore Your Mobility

When a doctor gives you a list of exercises to complete, they should be specifically catered to your needs. If you do exercises that irritate your muscles or without proper guidance, you can do more harm than good. At Maxicare, we aim to alleviate your pain before providing you with exercises to do at home. One of the ways that we do this is through manual therapy.

Using targeted treatment techniques, manual therapy helps to quickly restore your mobility and ease your pain prior to beginning exercises.

Our techniques include:

● Focusing on treating scar tissue

● Loosening up joints

● Easing out knots and muscle spasms

With manual therapy, tightness will be eradicated and your muscles will feel less irritated, as blood circulation will improve.

Phase 4: Retrain The “Brain-Body” Connection

Even if you feel pain-free during your treatment, this doesn’t mean that your body is fully healed. Chronic pain causes you to unintentionally develop bad habits to cope with that pain, and these need to be corrected.

Compensations may include:

● Pushing on your things with your hands when bending forward to pick up something from the ground

● Relying on momentum to stand up from a bed or chair

● Learning too far forward to alleviate back stiffness

● Using neck muscles when lifting your shoulders

These types of compensations occur because your brain sees painful movements as harmful. Therefore, it causes you to adjust your movements so you don’t experience that pain. Unfortunately, most pain exercises only help to build strength and increase mobility without restoring brain-body connections.

Our exercise program is much more involved than just a sheet of exercises. We offer complete guidance and attention through 1 to 1 appointments. Through our program, we help patients to:

● Regain confidence in your movements, especially those that were too painful to do or that you were uncertain of

● Go back to exercising with us guiding you along the way, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself again

● Understand brain-body awareness and gain the skills to self-correct improper movements

● Return to doing the activities that you love to do, such as walking, hiking, or jogging

Phase 5: Optimize Your Quality of Life

Patients with the most success are the ones who come in with an open mind, stay motivated, and commit to an active lifestyle. Even if you feel stuck right now, it’s important to understand that with the right effort, you can get back to feeling better and living the quality of life you deserve.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can offer. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.