Maxicare Physical Therapy & Wellness Testimonials

Peter Schumacher

Wow….where do I start? I HIGHLY recommend Sharon and the team at Maxicare!
Three months ago I injured my rotator cuff. I was certain that I would need surgery. Fortunately, I found Sharon and Maxicare. After 3 months of therapy my shoulder is like new; full range of motion and NO pain. Best of all, no surgery! I encourage you to make an appointment with Sharon if you think you need physical therapy!

Jeff Kramer

I was having trouble with my shoulder and thought I was going to need surgery. I was unable to lift anything heavy above my head and I was certain I had a torn rotator cuff. I saw an ad on Facebook for Maxicare and decided to give them a try. I met with Sharon who ran me through a number of tests and was able to diagnose my issues. Sharon built me a custom treatment plan and after 8 sessions my shoulder feels 100% better. Sharon is knowledgeable and great to work with. I would highly recommend Maxicare!

Chris B.

I am so glad I paid attention to Maixare’s Facebook add. I received wonderful care for a painful shoulder that was limiting my daily function. My 1st visit was a simple evaluation which included a history of my injury, how my problem was affecting my daily life, and a hands on examination of my range of movement. It was suggested I have 8 in clinic sessions with Sharon and was given at home exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the shoulder. At the end of the 8 sessions, I knew that I had avoided surgery and any cortisol shots. Sharon is a physical therapist that knows her anatomy and is really good and explaining how important it is to follow her instructions. Now it is up to me to continue to strengthen my shoulder at home.

Patti Thobe

Sharon did an excellent job of healing my frozen shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arm more than 6”. Now, in just a few months, I’m almost back to normal. She saved me from surgery and continued pain and frustration of not being able to use my arm at all. I’m very close to going back to tennis! Yay!! I’ve heard it could take a year to heal from frozen shoulder, but I’ll be back to normal in just a few months. Sharon is an excellent listener and is very kind. An excellent Physical Therapist and highly recommended!

Mary Ann Raimondi

I would highly recommend Sharon. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She has helped me get back full range of motion in my knee after a scope for a badly torn meniscus. She also helped with my other body aches if I had any during my therapy sessions . Best physical therapist I have ever visited.

Wendy L

I have a bulging disc in my neck and have had PT by another provider in the past with NO results. When my neck pain acted up again, I saw my doctor who first gave me a steroid injection which unfortunately did nothing. He then gave me the option to see a spine surgeon OR go to Physical therapy. I was reluctant to try therapy as it hadn’t worked before. I found Maxicare as it is close to my house and conveniently located in front of Woodman’s. I met Sharon for the first time, and immediately felt at ease. She created a plan for me, and goals were made. I attended twice weekly and Sharon was fantastic!! I have been going fo 8 weeks and EVERY time, Sharon was hands on my neck, massaging, stretching and smoothing out the facia. We did some testing and measuring my movements at the beginning, and again at the end to show how much improvement was made. She gave me homework each week to keep up my progress. I was having pain while driving, and Sharon came out to my car to check my alignment and offer suggestions to ease the pain while driving. Sharon was always promt and quite flexible when scheduling appointments. I would ABSOLUTELY refer her to EVERYONE!!. She has improved my quality of life, I can’t thank her enough.

Karen Stevenson

This was my first time going to PT and Sharon made it a fantastic experience. She is so knowledgable, competent, education-oriented and caring. She was completely focused on me for the entire hour, answered all my questions, adjusted exercises as needed and advised fully. I had range of motion issues for my shoulder and after 8 sessions, I feel confident that I know what to do moving forward. I feel so much better physically and have a lot of improvement compared to when I went in for my first appointment. If I need a PT again, I will definitely return to Maxicare and Sharon.

Scott Lubeck

This is the best rehab center I have ever been too. I went in with a tipped pelvis which was causing pain to my back, hips and legs. After only a few visits my pain was under control. Once i was finished I had corrected my tipped pelvis with no pain. I now have a full routine that the therapist, Sharon setup for me. I returned to Maxicare for a sore shoulder issue I was having and again received excellent care, with another routine which I do daily. I would recommend Maxicare for any rehab issues your having. The facility is nice and Sharon the therapist is very out going and friendly, caring person. I am still pain free and have a great routine which Sharon put together for me. To straighten an keep me strong and pain free.

Donna G

I came to Maxicare PT because of vertigo. I had previously went to another center that specializes in vertigo, but after 7 expensive PT sessions, I didn’t feel any better. So, I researched and found Maxicare PT. Sharon is, not only very knowledgeable about vertigo, she was also very approachable and kind. She made me feel comfortable from our first down to the last meetings, and she made me feel hopeful at a time when I thought I would not feel any better (having vertigo is not fun; it is sometimes debilitating). After 8 sessions with her, I feel a lot better. She gave me exercises that I could do at home (which I have been religiously doing everyday) and I can honestly say that my sessions with her, along with the exercises, make the vertigo a lot easier to deal with. I highly recommend Maxicare PT. Thank you, Sharon, for everything. God bless and more power to you and your team. You guys are the best!

Bart Bonnivier

I recently hurt my shoulder with a work injury, my employer set me up with maxicare physical therapy. Let me tell you I highly recommend this clinic. Sharon was the absolute best therapist. Saw her 3 days a week for 2 months. My shoulder feels good as new. She does 1 on 1 care unlike any other place I’ve ever been to. For anyone who needs PT please stop in and see her! You won’t regret it!! Thank you Sharon


I sought out treatment for my BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) while it was in an acute state. I needed more than exercises and follow-up PT. I needed help in identifying which ear and which canal were affected so that it could be addressed with the correct maneuvers. Sharon was available on day 1 for a phone consultation, with advice that got me through the night. From there she scheduled me for the next day and I began treatment. It took three visits back to back to begin to resolve the problem. On my fourth visit I was free of symptoms and had a plan for exercises going forward. My issue was a difficult one, but Sharon’s skill and compassionate care brought me through. I have great confidence in her, and, although I am not anxious to see her again too soon, I will know where to go the next time. I wish more PT centers operated like this. I had privacy, the right equipment and tests, and a warm and thoughtful person at the front door (Kay). Thank you.

Averill Yu

Highly recommend, Sharon is the best physical therapist! She was comprehensive in her care, patient, understanding, and kind. She even provided exercises to do after the appointment, going through each one with detailed instructions. She went above and beyond.

Dianne Pajo

Clean and professional facility with friendly staff. Sharon was incredibly thorough, informative, and very compassionate. She helped lead me to a significant discovery of the root problem while helping improve my present symptoms. She’s awesome!! I have and would highly recommend this place.

Katelyn C

As an advanced skilled therapist, Sharon is the most clinically educated and skilled physical therapist. She has an incredible awareness of the muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves and how to address pain and imbalances impacting daily function, athletic performance and overall health. After just a few sessions my pelvic posture has greatly improved with increase mobility, posture and decreased pain. I will only see her as a therapist, she explains what is going on and progression of therapy. This truly is her passion to help people and she makes an incredible different in her patients health and I know that because I used to work with her .

Teri Altiere

Sharon worked with me for 5 weeks, twice a week, to help with my shoulder pain. Each time, I was her focus 100% of the time. She provided the different bands I needed for my at-home exercises. She worked with me each and every time she introduced new exercises to make sure I was able to do them correctly at home. Her techniques while I was onsite really helped my progress. I wish I could continue follow ups with her so she could work on my shoulder while I did the exercises at home. I highly recommend Sharon and give her 5 stars.

Cynthia Suter

I highly, HIGHLY, recommend Maxicare Physical Therapy and Wellness. They truly care about you as a person and your wellbeing. Kay, the receptionist, is friendly, kind and caring. Angel is very receptive to working with you on insurance related issues. Sharon, the Physical Therapist, where do I start! She is both compassionate and extremely caring. It’s obvious that she loves helping her clients be the best they can be.

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Kiera Tiongco

Sharon and the team did an amazing job helping me with my condition. From scheduling the appointment, their website’s helpful information, to Sharon herself! She did an amazing job explaining how I can better my condition and helping me through it in multiple ways through out each week. She does a great job explaining things in detail in a way that is easily understood. I would highly recommend it here!

Deb Vitale

“Personalized” is a term thrown around a lot, but you truly receive personalized care at Maxicare. I was a patient at a different PT company previously that was good, but not nearly as effective as Maxicare. Another difference is the atmosphere. It is calming and lends itself to healing. Recommended HIGHLY !!! If you need PT, this is the pace to go!