Scar Release Therapy Program In Carpentersville

Understanding Scars and what’s underneath

Scars can put stress on your autonomic nervous system. To explore this more, we must speak about the nervous system. The ANS (autonomic nervous system) is in charge of involuntary organ and body part functions, as it controls and regulates these areas by coordinating them with one another. The ANS is made up of two parts: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Around 80% of sympathetic nervous system fibers direct to skin layers, and electrical nerve energy flows across the body’s surface through the peripheral sympathetic skin fibers. Scars place stress on the body due to the effects they cause on this energy flow across the skin and nerve fibers. In short, scars disrupt this natural energy flow, creating stress upon the ANS and the body as a whole.

When the skin is cut, it’s not just your skin that has to heal. Sympathetic peripheral nerve fibers are also cut and must heal. Sometimes, a scar can cause these healing nerve fibers to have their electrical flow disrupted, which ultimately results in concentrated electrical energy in the scar.

With so much energy built up in the scar, there are times when it can randomly discharge, upsetting the delicate balance and control that the ANS is designed to mediate. Disruptions in this part of the ANS also affect the PNS (peripheral nervous system). When one system is affected, the other attempts to work harder to compensate, throwing both off balance.

Release Scar Energy

Maxicare Physical Therapy & Wellness can help to alleviate this excess energy through our scar release therapy program. Using physical therapy and holistic techniques, our team relieves this energy buildup to help bring your ANS and PNS back into balance.

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Mary Ann Raimondi

I would highly recommend Sharon. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She has helped me get back full range of motion in my knee after a scope for a badly torn meniscus. She also helped with my other body aches if I had any during my therapy sessions . Best physical therapist I have ever visited.

Karen Stevenson

This was my first time going to PT and Sharon made it a fantastic experience. She is so knowledgable, competent, education-oriented and caring. She was completely focused on me for the entire hour, answered all my questions, adjusted exercises as needed and advised fully. I had range of motion issues for my shoulder and after 8 sessions, I feel confident that I know what to do moving forward. I feel so much better physically and have a lot of improvement compared to when I went in for my first appointment. If I need a PT again, I will definitely return to Maxicare and Sharon.