Is it Growing Pains or Overuse Injury?

Is it Growing Pains or Overuse Injury?

February 27, 2023

Suffering from knee pain during volleyball game or practice and was told that it’s just growing pains?

Do you need a Shock doctor brace to help with knee pain during a volleyball game or practice?

Have you had this pain for a while, and doctors told you it’s only growing pain?

We must be careful about assuming that this is just growth pain, especially if you have been playing a single sport for a while now. Common complaints in Volleyball are knee pain and multiple ankle sprains. For this article, I would like to discuss the 4 stages of overuse injury. Hopefully, this knowledge can help you determine if the pain that your athlete is experiencing is an overuse injury or growth pain.

4 Phases of Overuse injury:

  1. Pain in the affected area after physical activity
  2. Pain during physical activity not restricting performance
  3. Pain during physical activity, restricting performance
  4. Chronic persistent pain even at rest.

Growing pains occur during the early stages of growth and not during puberty, there usually is no specific injury. Pain is usually worse at night and subsides in the morning. Pain is usually on both sides of the body.

What happens if your athlete does suffer from overuse injury? A complete movement and biomechanics evaluation must be done to analyze how the athlete moves. The joint that is in pain is usually compensating for another joint or muscle not moving well up or down the chain. We conduct a thorough movement evaluation at Maxicare Physical Therapy and Wellness to determine the root cause. We will develop a treatment program to address your athlete’s mechanics, strengthen key muscles, improve joint mobility, and give you a home exercise program to help them heal and return to playing the sport they love without pain or discomfort.

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