Why is Physical Therapy best for Shoulder pain?

Why is Physical Therapy best for Shoulder pain?

September 26, 2022

An all-natural solution for Shoulder Pain

A shoulder specialist Physical Therapist can help you avoid shoulder surgery and dependence on pain pills and shoulder injections. Why is this, then? Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of patients who, even after having shoulder surgery and even after multiple cortisone shot to the shoulder, still has recurring shoulder pain. 

Physical Therapy focuses on your muscles and movement. Most patients with shoulder pain have difficulty with overhead motion, putting on a bra or shirt, picking up their dog, or reaching to the side and back. What does that tell me? Sometimes is going on with the way they move. Why is it that only specific movements hurt? As a physical therapist who treats the shoulder all day, a typical pattern is that some muscles are not activating while others are overcompensating. These disrupt the optimal movement of the shoulder, which can lead to pain. Muscles have been moving our joints and limbs long before therapists and doctors have; it is just but prudent to look at how these muscles move/activate during a painful motion to see if they are doing their job or not. A trained Physical Therapist can determine that for you with a thorough movement assessment. For example, fixing a torn tendon (“rotator cuff”) through surgery and not addressing the root cause of why it got torn in the first place (faulty movement pattern)is not truly addressing the cause of the pain. A specialist Physical Therapist can help you to identify the root cause of your shoulder pain and give you options on how to address it. 

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” I am so glad I paid attention to Maxicare’s Facebook ad.  I received wonderful care for a painful shoulder that was limiting my daily function.  My 1st visit was a simple evaluation which included a history of my injury, how my problem was affecting my daily life, and a hands on examination of my range of movement.  It was suggested I have 8 in clinic sessions with Sharon and was given at home exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the shoulder. At the end of the 8 sessions, I knew that I had avoided surgery and any cortisol shots. Sharon is a physical therapist that knows her anatomy and is really good and explaining how important it is to follow her instructions. Now it is up to me to continue to strengthen my shoulder at home.” – Chris B.

“I was having trouble with my shoulder and thought I was going to need surgery.  I was unable to lift anything heavy above my head and I was certain I had a torn rotator cuff.  I saw an ad on Facebook for Maxicare and decided to give them a try.  I met with Sharon who ran me through a number of tests and was able to diagnose my issues.  Sharon built me a custom treatment plan and after 8 sessions my shoulder feels 100% better.  Sharon is knowledgeable and great to work with.  I would highly recommend Maxicare!” – Jeff K.

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