How to keep active and do the things that you love

How to keep active and do the things that you love

December 14, 2022

Our body is a machine

Our body is the best and most efficient machine on our planet, and just like a car, we need to go to the shop for a regular maintenance check to ensure that all the parts and pieces are functioning correctly. A regular maintenance check ensures that it can do everything that we want it to do. Now, what is a “maintenance check” for our human body? In my experience, muscle/joint aches are a warning signal from our dashboard. We need to pay attention to this early on; we should not mask it with pain medications or pain-relieving injections because our body is telling us something. 

Who is the best “mechanic” for our body?

If the muscle/joint is associated with posture or movement, a specialist Physical Therapist is the best healthcare professional to go for this. Notice that I say “specialist,” just like doctors, there is a Physical Therapist who sees everybody, and there is a Physical Therapist who has dedicated their experience and training to a specific field; these are specialists. For example, if you have shoulder pain, go to a Physical Therapist that sees mostly shoulder patients; they can evaluate your movement, see if you are using your muscles correctly, and get to the root cause of your pain. If you have back, hip, or knee pain, go to a specialist Physical Therapist for these regions. How would you know that? Look at their website’s “About Us” page and read their Bio.

How to keep active and do the things you love? First, see a specialist Physical Therapist for a regular maintenance check, and I would call it a movement assessment. You might have no aches/pains right now, but you might be developing tendencies that you are not aware of; they can tell you if you are moving optimally or if you have movement patterns that might cause injury. You should catch this early to keep doing what you love. 

Call/Text us at 224-858-5161 to learn more about our Complete Shoulder Consultation. We will also launch our Gait Lab soon, where we will do Posture, Walking, and Running Gait Analysis! Stay Tuned!

All the Best, 
Sharon PT

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